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What kind of treatment is provided by Dr Rahul?

Dr Rahul Yadav specializes in advanced Laparoscopic Urological Surgeries, Kidney Transplant and Robotic Urological Surgeries. A more detailed list of treatments can be seen under the treatments menu of the website.

How can I meet Dr Rahul?

You can call at 91-7755003003 to schedule an appointment or fill up the contact form to connect with Dr Rahul and schedule an appointment.

Should I get some test done prior to meeting Dr Rahul?

Any tests should only be done after proper consultation of Dr Rahul, we do not recommend any tests prior to your meeting with him.

Where can we meet Dr Rahul?

Anyone can meet him at Tender Palm Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow and Chief Kidney Transplant Surgeon Charak Hospital and Research Centre, Lucknow
A prior appointment will definitely save your time and your meeting can be scheduled easily. For any specific queries, we suggest you to call at 91-7755003003.